Medallion Homes

Striving to create exceptional homes you'll be proud to call home.

We are connected with quality trades in the field to help us deliver unparalleled quality homes. Medallion Homes has the expertise to build homes of various styles and sizes in accordance to your budget. We love what we do and you'll see that in the end product! To see some of our completed projects visit our gallery.

Our Warranty

WBI Home Warranty Ltd. is committed to providing a complete home warranty package that helps support our homeowners. Home warranty policies protect your home from defects in construction which invariably occur in most homes. WBI Home Warranty Ltd. ensures that your warranty related defects will be addressed in a timely manner. There are other factors, which are beyond the control of anyone, which can delay repairs, such as weather and shortage of materials. Our experienced claims and inspections staff can identify warranty related concerns, and ensure they are properly addressed.

Every new home in B.C. is protected by mandatory Home Warranty coverage, as legislated and mandated by the Homeowners Protection Office (HPO). Homes built by Licensed Residential Builders are covered by mandatory, third party home warranty insurance. This coverage includes 1 year on all materials and labour, 2 years on major systems (heating, plumbing, electrical, exterior cladding) and BC Code Violations. 5 years on the building envelope (protection from water ingress) and 10 years on structure, which protects your home should a load bearing wall fail. It's the strongest construction defect insurance in Canada.

Visit the WBI Website
Visit the WBI Website
What we do

Our Types of Homes

Craftsman Home Style

is defined by its low-pitched gabled roofs with broad eaves, large front porches, and exposed wooden structural elements. Houses are typically 1-1½ stories and of wood construction. If you are looking for a craftsman style home let us know and our design team can begin working with you!

Traditional Home Style

A traditional home is the most common style. It is a mix of many classic, simple components. Common features include little ornamentation, simple rooflines, and symmetrically spaced windows. Building materials are either wood or brick.

Modern Home Style

Modern Homes have become more popular. Modern homes include a lot of light, open space, and symmetrical lines. We are currently working on some Modern homes, so if you are interested in viewing some of recent projects, let us know; we’d love to work with you.